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Selfie Request!

This crazy life of mine has left the creative well so dry that I have ignored my blog far too long. I miss it – the writing, the friendships, the community of it all.

After almost 9 solid months in the hospital, since June 22, 2013, with only a brief break in December, my husband finally came home in late March. Since then, we focused on his on-going care and my work, with little energy for anything more than those. Things were buzzing along reasonably well until two weeks ago, when he was readmitted to the hospital. He’s just beginning to heal after surgery yesterday, but once again it will be a challenging and long road.

This is one of our hospital selfies from around his birthday this time last year:


We couldn’t do this without tremendous support from family and friends, near and far. It really does take a village. And sometimes we request strange things from our fellow villagers……..

My husband, Patrick, has a birthday on Tuesday, Aug. 12. Since this will be his second birthday in a row in the hospital, I hit up family and friends to send along birthday cards to fill his room with even more goodness and love. His sister had the great idea of starting a “Send Patrick a Happy Birthday Selfie” campaign.

So, if you’re so inclined, please take a picture of yourself holding up a “Happy Birthday, Patrick!” sign and either email it to me here on the blog (kachlynda at gmail dot com) or post to twitter with the hashtag #happybirthdaypatrick and/or tag me (@kachlynda). We’ll make sure he sees them!


And I hope to be back here again soon.


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My Funny Valentine

Patrick and WSU President Dr. David Hopkins

Patrick with WSU President David Hopkins (Photo by Seth Bauguess, Wright State University)

You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. ~ Dr. Seuss

See that guy over there?

No, not the kind gentleman in the suit and tie.

The other guy.

My guy.

Yep, that’s *my* guy.

That is my husband, Patrick. I first introduced you to him, officially anyway, on his birthday last August.

Sometimes…. okay, a lot of times…. my work involves after-hours kinds of things — receptions, public events, and the like. This month, those events include the fabulous things going on for the Paul Laurence Dunbar celebration I wrote about yesterday. Thankfully, my good sport of a husband is usually right there with me, keeping me company, running back for things I forgot to bring, troubleshooting technical glitches, and all the other wonderful things he so patiently endures because of the things I get him into doing. His ever-present kindness and good-natured humor are two of the reasons I married him!

Of course, I knew on our second date that this was the man I was going to marry. (Actually, I knew it on our first, but I was trying to be coy about it….) Our second date was rather much like an adventure. He nearly fell on his keester, and I almost set the hotel room on fire. Um, yeah, an adventure.


We were living two states apart at the time. I had lost my mother the past July. (Now I joke that when she went to heaven, she headed straight for the match-making department, because I met him just a few months later.) We had our first date in mid-December. Valentine’s Day weekend was our second.

We were attending a party thrown by a friend, out-of-town — actually out of both of our towns. The midwestern winter was in full force. The roads were icy, and it was windy enough to make driving a battle of wills against its force. When he went to get out of the car, his foot slid on a patch of black ice, and it was sheer force of will and a strong car door that kept him from hitting the pavement. By the time we finally got settled, neither of us was in much hurry to go back out into the elements again. Big 10 college basketball was on, gearing up for March Madness, and it happened to be Purdue playing, which is where I was going to school at the time. We decided to stay inside instead of going out to the party, order a pizza, and cozy up in front of the television, content to spend time together. I went to rearrange the space to make more room and, while moving the couch, didn’t realize that the electrical plug for the lamp was in the floor under it. (Who knew that’s where they’d put it??) I sheared that thing off at the base of the plug, sparks shooting, and we both expected the place to burst into flames.

But it didn’t. And you know what? It became one of my most favorite Valentine’s evenings we’ve spent together. We went out for brunch the next day and spent about four hours trying to figure out how this relationship was going to work: Who could move the easiest? Which one of us would be more likely to find a job in the other’s town? How quickly could we make this happen? We made it work faster than we expected or even hoped.

Patrick with WSU President David Hopkins (Photo by Seth Bauguess, Wright State University)

His sense of humor is another of the many reasons I love him. He has an innate ability to be able to make people laugh, in the very best sense of the word. Not at themselves, or him, but at life and all its situations. Take, for example, last Tuesday night, at yet another event he went to because of me. The president of our university pulled up a chair for a visit, and he, like others before him, laughed at something in the conversation.

Even after more than 14 years of marriage, that second date on Valentine’s stands the test of time on romance. For as I’ve learned, hearts and flowers, cards and candy, aren’t the heart of my romance. It’s the being there for the other one when your feet fly out from under you and not running from difficult times or when there are fires that need to be put out. It’s the day-to-day lunches, the time spent together, that makes my romance so special.

It’s my guy that makes Valentine’s Day out of every day.

I’d love to hear your stories — what’s your most memorable Valentine’s Day?


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You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.  ~Author Unknown

How could you not love that face? If you’ve noodled your way around my blog, you’ve read some about my family. But I’ve neglected introducing one of its most important members, and there is no better time to correct that omission than on his birthday. So, I’d like to indulge for a bit and introduce you to the love of my life – my husband, Patrick.

That’s him, up there, as a little sprite. But those big blue eyes and cheeky grin are two of the many reasons I fell in love with him. Plus he’s intelligent, charming, sweet, and –as my mother would say– an all-around good egg. He’s far and away the kindest person I’ve ever met.

As I’ve gone through another round of family photographs, I’ve found a mix of pictures of him, so I thought I’d share some here, with his permission, of course, to celebrate his birthday.

And to round out the week of McCartney/Beatle references…. there’s just something in the way he moves……

*soft sigh*

In front of his house before heading off to school
Happy 14th Birthday!
His first computer, a Commodore 64….
Rocking the hat – Welcome to the ’80s!
With his kid sister, Joanne.
With Joanne on her wedding day
We surprised him with a party on his 40th birthday!

The birthday man and his mother

He’s a Mac guy from way back, so the chance to get a “Mac & PC” picture was irresistible!
Letting ladybugs loose in the hydroponic gardens during the “Behind the Seeds” tour at Epcot’s The Land.
One of my favorite recent pictures, just before dinner out with some good friends.
At one of his favorite places, with the Mouse in Charge!

Happy Birthday, Handsome Man!

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