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Meatloaf and Bread

dj mixing vinyl

My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require. ~ Edward Elgar

I miss the days of being able to scan someone’s record collection to see if we had the same taste in music. It’s much harder to get a look at people’s digital playlists…… how do I know how we’ll get along if I can’t see what music you like?

I love music. In truth, there are only a few kinds of music that I absolutely don’t enjoy listening to, and even those I can suffer through a while before I have to walk away. But anyone who chances to scan my playlist is usually surprised by something I have on there. When we first started dating, my husband took a look through my CD collection and raised an eyebrow to discover I had Whitesnake on my shelves. People who catch me humming to Maroon 5 or Adele are typically surprised that I do the same to Sinatra and Glenn Miller. Not surprisingly, I’m a sucker for swoonfully romantic love songs as well as classical music.

But one of the funniest things about music lately has been my introduction to mash-ups. My husband is a fan, so mash-up songs began to appear in our digital library. These sometimes bizarre blendings of songs are strangely addictive. Not my favorite, since it jars my notions of genre, but they are kind of fun. However, as the conversation progressed, it began to take a different turn (which, in our household, is not really a surprise at all….LOL). We began playing a game of doing band mash-ups….. like the title to this post, which combines two of my favorites!

We started off with food-related names. Meatloaf and Bread. Korn and Black Eyed Peas. Bowling for Soup and Uncle Kracker. You get the idea…..

From there, we morphed into other band name mash-ups, branching out and enlisting the suggestions of friends and co-workers. Here’s a few that made the list:

  • The Rolling Stone Temple Pilots
  • The Grateful Dead Milkmen
  • Clint Black Sabbath
  • The Beastie Boys 2 Men
  • The Stray Cat Stevens
  • Simply Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • TLCee-Lo
  • The Jackson 5 for Fighting
  • Elton John Cougar Melloncamp
  • R.E.M.INEM
  • Twisted Sisters of Mercy

Want to play along? Mash-up long with us….. toss out your favorite or creative mash-up and add it to the list!

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Monday Moments: Pinterest


Most collectors collect tangibles. As a quotation collector, I collect wisdom, life, invisible beauty, souls alive in ink.

~ Terri Guillemets

Every now and again, I stumble on something that is too good not to share. Pinterest is one of those things.

Have you used it? If you have, come find me! If you haven’t, you are in for a treat.

Did you ever have a bulletin board when you were growing up? I did. All through middle school and high school. Okay, I think I even had one all the way through grad school. Some days I wish I had one at home. Well, now I have one that travels with me.

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board system, where you can “pin” anything that catches your eye on the internet. Users can create personalized boards, and then organize and categorize them any way they like. Want a board full of holiday ideas? Make one. Favorite photographs? Done. Favorite quotations? Places you’d like to go? Spaces you’d like to create? Recipes? Don’t even get me started…..

Did I mention yet that it is highly addictive? But in a very, very good way. Instead of a list of bookmarks a mile long, Pinterest brings together my virtual world and lets me organize it visually, which is a huge help. How many times have you gone back to your bookmarks and looked at a text link, only to forget why on earth you bookmarked it? I do that, a lot. But on Pinterest, I can capture a visual reminder of what I wanted to come back to, and even store it on a category of my creation.

If that isn’t enough, you get to see what other people collect! You can follow specific boards you are interested in, or you can follow friends or people who seem to have similar interests. You can repin their finds, or simply like them or comment on them. If you go to the main page, for example, you can search by specific words, by topic, or just generally. And then you start scrolling down and see what kinds of things are being pinned. And keep scrolling…. and scrolling…. and scrolling. (It took me a very long time to figure out that the page keeps loading material at the bottom so you very rarely get to an actual end of the page…….. sneaky!!)

A sampling of my boards includes things like “Quotes to Remember” and “Places and Spaces.” I have “Finds,” “Want to Try,” and “Organize it” for some fun ways to attempt to organize things (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she??) And I can add new ones or rearrange current ones on a whim!

So for today’s Monday Moment, I recommend giving Pinterest a whirl. You have to request an invitation on the front page, but it is free. If your experience is like mine, they will send you an email saying one is not yet available, but within a couple of hours, most people get their invitation to join. Then you simply sign up with an email and password, or you can link to it via your Facebook or Twitter accounts, and blam – you’re in. And the fun can begin.

Try it out if you’d like, and let me know what you think! For me, it’s already a great timesaver, organizer, and – most of all – just plain fun!

What was your favorite “find”?

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