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Re-Entry: Or, From Where Men Wear Tigger

My view during my morning coffee

The great man is he who does not lose his child’s-heart. ~ Mencius, Book IV

*waving Hi!*

Helllllooooo out there!


After a two-week hiatus from cyber-connectivity, I’m slowly finding my way back. What a lovely break, I must say.

We had a fun Thanksgiving with family (and you saw the picture of our 38-pound turkey!). Then the following Saturday, we headed out to Disney World, a two-day drive away from cold weather and work. For the first time, we managed to drive 2 days each direction without encountering any rain. Never done that before, as there’s always been at least one long stretch of rain, usually through the mountains somewhere.

We’ve also never, in all our visits, been at Disney World near the holidays. Wow! I kept repeating that around every corner. For those of you who know Disney, I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that decorated for the holidays means *DECORATED* for the holidays!! Every inch had something holiday-ish, yet it all worked. We never felt overwhelmed by it all, or holiday-ed out. But I will admit that after being surrounded by Disney holiday, I feel like we’ve already celebrated and should be moving on to New Year’s.

I just love being at Disney. Adults become kids again, and kids are (for the most) drawn into a fantasy-as-reality universe of amazing things. It’s a place where grown men wear Tigger. Seriously, while waiting in line for a ride (which was infrequent as early December is one of the 3 lowest-populated times at Disney!), I saw a man, probably early 60s, close-cropped silvered hair, standing talking to his wife. As he turned around to move forward, the back of his jacket has this huge Tigger on it! It was so cool I almost hugged him.

One of our favorite stops is Epcot, and this time we did it how we always said we wanted to, slow and steady. We spent the bulk of one day exploring the World Showcase in the back, and another day exploring the front portion, Futureworld. I love that the majority of the experience is educational, whether teaching about other cultures, greener living, or new technologies in the pipeline. One of our have-to stops is “The Land.” Blame it on me being a farm girl, but my husband loves it as well. We always grab a light meal in the quick-service cafeteria. This time, I had a grilled vegetable flatbread sandwich and some pumpkin-squash soup. The vegetables are mostly grown in the hydroponic gardens of the pavilion. In addition to the water ride through the gardens and Soaring (a must!), we also did the “Behind the Seeds” tour, which takes people on a tour through the hydroponic gardens and aquaculture areas. The tour talks about their bio-technology research, their green methods of pest control, and showcases the many different types of hydroponic gardening they do with their plants. Some of the easier ones you can do at home as well!

Here are a few pictures from the trip — there’s no way to capture it all, for sure.

My husband in front of the Holiday Tree at France in Epcot

Our view from the Behind the Seeds tour in the Land -- that's one of the regular tour boats coming by!

The "smallest" tree at the Wilderness Lodge

The other marvelous thing about this vacation? We gave ourselves a second week off after the week at Disney. Best. Idea. EVER. You know how people always say they need a vacation after their vacation? We did it. It’s a marvelous thing.

Hopefully you all had a good Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it). Did I miss anything fun? How’s your December going?

I can’t wait to catch up…….

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Monday Moments: A Magical Kingdom


The picture I use for my profile picture here on the blog was taken in June 2010 while my husband and I were at Disney World. The 2010 Romance Writers of America conference was in full swing, but we snuck away for a quiet dinner over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to have an evening just for ourselves.

And we fell in love. Not just once again with each other, but with the location. Built to resemble Yellowstone Lodge in the early 1900s, the place is a masterpiece of wood, stone and trees. Like other things at Disney, guests are swept into the ambiance of wherever they are and become a part of the story. It truly is a magical kingdom.

So why am I writing this now? Because this fine Monday morning, I get to wake up there again. In the building that looks out on the building in the picture. I get to wake up here every morning this week.

I am on vacation this week as my husband and I are using our Disney timeshare for the very first time. We are Disney-philes, and would live here if we could arrange it. (Okay, even close to the area would be good…..) We honeymooned here, and it is without question one of our favorite vacation spots. Some of my happiest memories come from time spent here, including our visit last year.

After a crazy year, we are treating ourselves to a week in a magical land.

And for those curious how Thanksgiving turned out…. here’s a picture of our 38-pound turkey:


I hope your Monday has some magic in it!

I’m off to see a Mouse…….


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