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Kerfuffles and Kaleidoscopes


The kaleidoscope of colour which is my life, shows the interesting choices I’ve made along the way. ~ Antie Koekie

Since I was having a hard deciding what to do for “K” today, I thought I’d share my explorations by passing along some of the interesting “K”-words I discovered in my hunting about……. with credit and a shout-out to one of my favorite word-lover’s websites, Phrontistery.

kainotophobia – fear of change
kalon – beauty that is more than skin deep
kazatzka – Slavic folk dance performed by a couple
keraunoscopia – divination using thunder
kippage – state of displeasure or anger
kit – a small pocket violin
kyrielle – string of short lines in stanzas all ending with the same word

Also, by some strange coincidence, some of my favorite authors are K’s as well:

Keri Stevens, author of the fabulous and highly recommended 2011 debut novel, Stone Kissed

Katrina Kittle (would that be a double-word score in Scrabble??), who always makes me laugh…. and cry…. and think in her books

Garrison Keillor — ‘nuf said Garrison Keillor booksigning

How about you — any favorite “K” words or authors?

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Last year’s “K” post: The Kiss.]

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Reasons to be Happy

It will take a journey unlike any other to remind Hannah of who she really is, and to begin to get that girl back. Reasons to Be Happy is about standing up for all the things you love—including yourself. ~ Katrina Kittle, Reasons To Be Happy

Although released at the beginning of October, Katrina Kittle’s newest book, Reasons To Be Happy, had its official launch last night at Books & Co. at The Greene in Dayton. (You can see photos from the signing here – number 22 is me getting my book signed!) Her earlier books, Traveling Light, Two Truths and a Lie, The Kindness of Strangers, and The Blessings of the Animals, each offer an intense look at a significant social topic. Reasons To Be Happy is Kittle’s first foray into the young adult market, yet the book is rich with all the characters and characteristics which make her previous books so vibrant and memorable. Most notably, Kittle does not shy away from descriptive reality, nor does she sugar-coat the angst and experiences of modern middle-school life. When she asked the audience how many would want to relive those middle-school days, the still-awkward laughs and absence of raised hands gave testimony to how those years affect us all, even years later.

If you haven’t read any of Kittle’s work, give her a try. I won’t guarantee that the stories are easy, because the topics she chooses to deal with are anything but. But they are about life, especially difficulties in modern life, and her works reflect a social awareness as well as a literary talent for reaching into the heart of the matter and bringing it to light via unforgettable characters. You can sample some of her work via her website, including the opening chapters of Reasons To Be Happy. As part of the celebration of her new book, Kittle has also embarked on a year-long celebration of her reasons to be happy, offering one reason per day for a year on her blog. She is at #105 today.

So as we set off into a hopefully beautiful fall weekend, I’ll leave you with my current top 5 reasons to be happy:

1. Sharing my life with my best friend and the love of my life.
2. Dear friends, who understand that friendship is about being close at heart even if not close at hand.
3. An abundance of good books.
4. Fall, autumn, harvest and all the pleasures it brings.
5. Health insurance, to pay for excellent medical care.

What are your reasons to be happy?

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