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Another Suitcase in Another Hall


When I selected “capacity” as my word for 2014, I didn’t mean it as a challenge to the universe. Evidently I was wrong.

Last I wrote in January, my husband was hospitalized for a week to have some minor surgery and a bone biopsy. Writing on Saturday, he was to be released the next Monday. He was, indeed, released, but the fun was just beginning.

Biopsy results were mixed, so he was put on 2 IV antibiotics and sent home with a PICC line. I had a crash course in administering the IVs and line care, and poof – we were on our own. Within 48 hours, I knew something was up, as I recognized the early stages/symptoms of the problems that started all of this last June. A consult with his home care RN and off to the emergency room we went on Thursday.

Once at the ER, the naive young nurse suggested this was something easy, a quick temporary fix and off home again he could send us. The attending physician was the same one who saw him when he came into the ER in June — he remembered him coding. He ordered a few more labs, and once the numbers started rolling in, admittance was a sure thing.

One of the antibiotics had caused a violent reaction, which damaged and subsequently shut down his kidney function. Completely. New antibiotics, a reaction to the second one, and a long wait for “normal” began. I kept commenting to doctors and nurses that it seemed like he was building up a LOT of fluid, but the party line was to wait. Interesting choice.

He was admitted on Thursday. The following Wednesday so much fluid had accumulated that he went into severe respiratory distress and ended up in coronary care on a ventilator for 2 days. Then they decided perhaps the fluid buildup was a problem and started medication — he lost 60 POUNDS of fluid in the next 8 days!

He has worked his way back, somehow amazingly retaining his sense of humor and unflagging patience. Tomorrow he gets transferred back to the rehab hospital where he spent last fall. This time we are hoping for a shorter stay amongst familiar faces.

Another weekend, another hospital room. I’m grateful to family and friends who have supported us on this incredibly long journey, to (most of) the doctors and nurses who have eased the path.

And with the recent snowfall adding to the winter fun, I wait for Spring.


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Among Friends — Again

Rocking chairs welcome guests to the front porch of a rustic log cabin

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve had. ~ Author Unknown


Hello again!

Pull up a chair and stay awhile!

*grabbing a cup of coffee and tucking myself into a chair*

How are you doing?

Today’s the day, my friends. April first – April Fool’s Day – and the kick-off for the April A-to-Z Challenge!

If you’re dropping by from the blog challenge, welcome to Second Memory! It’s my front porch on the web, a place to settle in and visit, to chat about life and family, memories and history, reading and writing. Or whatever else we end up chatting about. Feel free to poke around a bit and see what I’ve been up to around the place! 

As always, I want to say a big thank you to my faithful friends who drop in to chat and make me smile, who read and share a moment on a regular basis! You have reserved spots on the porch, and I am always so glad to see you here. Especially lately, when you all have been blogging away and I’ve been away from here. Not sure why, really. I suppose there doesn’t have to be a good reason, or any reason. But hopefully April will get me back in the habit. I have missed your company. Since we moved in August and the challenges that has brought with it –both good and, well, not– I haven’t been in a writing frame of mind. Here’s to changing that.

This is my third year doing the challenge. In 2011, I started this challenge, only to have to drop out near the end of April when I had my first of two hand surgeries, thanks to a night before Easter cooking accident. Last year, I made it to the finish! This year, I hope you’ll get in on the fun! With more than 1600 participants in the A-to-Z challenge, I hope you have the chance to go explore some of the other blogs participating! There are some great folks signed up, and you can check out all the information, including a list of participants on the main challenge website.

Whether new visitor or returning friend, thanks so much for dropping by! I appreciate you taking time from your day to do so.

[Note: This post is #1 of 26 of the April A-to-Z Challenge. Please click the button on the upper right of the page for more information.

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Spring Fever

road sign

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! ~ Mark Twain

Don’t you just love that sign? My husband took that picture at an intersection not too far from where we live. Some days, as I wake up and look at my calendar, I envision the things littered across it as points on that sign, leading me in varied and mostly opposite directions.

Spring fever, indeed.

Such has been life the past two weeks, hence my absence here. It was the end of the quarter at school, so I was finishing up teaching my graduate class, with all the rush of students valiantly trying to finish their projects at the last minute. This week, thankfully, is Spring Break for us, and I get a moment to catch my breath. Oh yes, of course, and put the finishing touches on the two courses I teach during spring quarter, which starts next Monday! But I love it, the plotting and preparing of adventures for students.

And what’s with this weather? I can only hope that it has been as nice where you are at as it has been here in Ohio. We’re on the brink of setting a multitude of records, including record high temperatures, record high low temperatures, and consecutive March days above 70 degrees. It definitely feels more like summer than winter or early spring here. But the plus side is that the world around me bloomed nearly overnight with early spring trees and flowers everywhere! They pour their perfume across the spring breezes, through open windows, and on rays of sunshine. How can we not celebrate such glorious weather? We’ve been outside in the evenings enjoying the chance to sit outside when it’s not cold, not hot, and with few bugs!

Sullivan rolling on the patio

Sullivan enjoying the first day of spring.

My fur-faced child, Sullivan, loves being a “spring kitten” even as he passed his 11th birthday on St. Patrick’s Day. He goes outside on our patio and rolls around and around, basking in the heat of the sunshine.

Spring fever is definitely in the air — as legs and arms bare to the sunshine, as birds chirp and people chatter outside the windows, as trees look fuzzy green as the leaves prepare to emerge, and flowers of all kinds explode in a riot of color and smell. A welcome return of outside activities, warmth, and the promise of good things ahead.

How’s your spring fever?


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