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Monday Moments: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Golden Nugget ca. 1960s

Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one’s belt buckled. ~ Frederic Raphael

Anyone a Cheers fan?


That shouted greeting was one of my favorite parts of the show. In fact, I always wanted to have a place where, when I came in, would recognize me and be happy I was there. My husband felt the same, so over the years of our marriage, we’ve frequently tried to cultivate some favorite haunts and hang-outs where they know us by name. (Of course, I always hope it’s because we’re nice folks and good tippers! LOL) There’s something quite fun about people greeting us warmly, moving chairs out of the way for my husband, and, overall, pleased that we’ve returned for another visit.

One of our favorite places is a local independent restaurant called the Golden Nugget. Only open for breakfast and lunch, it’s an institution here in the Dayton area. Operating since 1961, its reputation is as phenomenal as the food. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, lines weave through the lobby, out into the entryway, and frequently, in good weather, outside down the sidewalk. I typically refuse to wait in line at a restaurant, but I will happily stake my claim in line here, not even blinking an eye to wait 30 minutes, plodding step-by-step closer to nirvana. Golden Nugget rebuilt The original location burned down in 2005, but locals were thrilled when the Thomas family decided to rebuild. Regulars came flocking back after more than a year’s closure, and for good reason. This is the kind of place where service staff are quick, correct, and smiling. Where your coffee cup never gets cold, let alone empty. Where they really do know your name.

My main reason to love the place? The most delicious, crispy, lacy potato pancakes I’ve ever had! Golden Nugget's potato pancakes

What are some of your favorite haunts and hangouts?

Is there a place you go where everyone knows your name?



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