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Monday Moments: F(r)og

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long. ~ e.e. cummings

Holiday festivities begin this weekend, as local malls herald the arrival of Santa. Two local radio stations began playing holiday music on November 1.


This week is (in theory) a quiet break in the action before the full force gales of the holiday season are upon us. It’s finals week at the university where I work, so there is a strong scent of panic (and coffee) in the air as students crunch to study and force 10 weeks of learning into their brains in 1 or 2 days (or nights). It is also our last fall “quarter” as we transition to semesters beginning in Fall 2012. No more long holiday breaks after this year for the students.

But it’s also that break in the weather. Fall is trying to twist into winter, and the winds were wild all weekend long. Rainstorms hit early this morning, and there is a chance of storms with thunder and the potential for a tornado as well, according to my favorite weatherperson. A tornado in November? You bet. On Veterans Day weekend 2002, Van Wert, Ohio, (just north of where I live) was hit by an F4 tornado, one of many which swept across the midwest that day. The video captured by a patrol car still amazes me.

Weather can be crazy in November, but it can also be beautiful.

The crazy combination I love the most, though, is frost/fog, or f(r)og in my world. There’s something magical about fog anyway. As dangerous as it is to drive in, there is always that niggling feeling that something other-worldly, something different perhaps waits on the other side of the divide. I always catch my breath, wondering if what is lurking there beyond the fog is something good (like Brigadoon) or something bad (like a serial killer from Criminal Minds). When it is combined with that little crunch of frost, that frosty fog crispness gets an extra dose of magic (and can help chase those serial killers away, too).

I’m not so fond of snow, especially lots of it. And I hate to see autumn disappear for another year. But the beautiful possibility of f(r)og on the morning drive or weekend walk make the transition to winter slightly more palatable.

Plus it’s just fun to say.
“How’s the weather today?”

As we gear up for the beginning of the end of the year, I hope to get a chance to catch my breath and fill up my energy well before all the zaniness kicks in.

Any suggestions or ideas? How do you wind down and fill your well before the crazy-busy holidays?


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