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An Un-resolution Resolution

Happy New Year!

Evidently my New Year is beginning as my Old Year ended — with me behind on things I meant to do.  How often is that the case for you?  The beginning of a New Year always carries the promises of new things, behaviors, attitudes, and promises.  In reality, how many truly survive the first week? Month?  Season?

I’ve never really been a fan of making resolutions, yet there are always those things that lurk in my mind that I “want” for the new year.  By the end of December, I always feel rushed to get things done, checked off my mental list, and to even the tally of things I wasn’t even certain I was keeping track of on my mental scorecard.  Did I get done all I wanted? No.  Do I feel bad about that? Yes.  So, as typical, I spent some time on December 31st thinking about what I wanted my 2011 to be like, even though I could never have predicted the course of 2010.  At some point, you would think I would learn that fact, yes?

In reading other’s postings on end-of-the-year musings and New Year’s planning, one blog post in particular caught my eye:  Tina Russo Radcliffe’s “What’s Your One Word?” from the wonderfully inspiring writing blog, Seekerville.   As you might guess, the concept is to focus on one word that brings together all the things you’d like to “be” (make happen, do, etc.) in the coming year.  Rather than making a list of soon-to-be-broken resolutions, and especially impossible to keep ones at that, one word becomes a do-able affirmation, a real possibility that offers a positive target to shoot at, instead of a mile-high staircase to keep trying to climb and failing.  (For more information on the One Word idea, check out their page here.)

One word.  I can do that.  I love words, I play with words daily.  I love finding new words and rediscovering old words.  Some examples shared on Radcliffe’s post include “expectant”, “still”, “valiant”, “kind”, or “clear”.  I’m sure dozens have already come to mind for you as well.  In putting my mind to the things I want to happen, to do, to come in 2011, the only word that seems to link everything together –and I’m sure this is exactly opposite of the One Word goal– is more: I want to do more writing, more living, more loving — yes, infinitely hard to measure, I know.  I also want less:   less stress, less worrying, less sickness.

So, as reality crashes back into my personal universe this morning with the return to work and contact with the “outside” world again after a marvelous 11-day vacation to nowhere with my husband, I resolve to think of a clearer one-word promise to myself for this year.

That’s my 2011 un-resolution resolution.

What’s yours?


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