One-word resolution


“Just as I have insisted on his worth, he has always insisted on my strength, insisted that my capacity is greater than I believe. And I know, without being told, that’s what love does, when it’s right-it makes you more than you were, more than you thought you could be.
This is right.”
― Veronica Roth, Allegiant

It’s that time of year – the new year – where we try to think of all the things we’d like to change, to do, to be. We try to quantify and qualify our lists, setting out each year to do a bit better than the last one.

If you have been around the blog a bit, you might remember that the past few years I’ve been practicing the one-word resolutions, trying to select one guiding word to challenge me throughout the year. As with last year’s choice, oftentimes the word plays out in unanticipated ways, yet at year’s end, I can pull the thread of it, feel its texture woven into the warp and woof of every day.

I spend time thinking through options, trying to sift through candidates until I find the one that sits true in my soul. Sometime it’s an obvious or deliberate choice; sometimes, like this year, I stumble upon it in the course of doing other things. This year’s word came to me while writing my year-end update, and it just felt right. This year’s word is: capacity.

Here are the dictionary definitions:

1: legal competency or fitness

2a : the potential or suitability for holding, storing, or accommodating
b : the maximum amount or number that can be contained or accommodated — see metric system table, weight table

3a : an individual’s mental or physical ability: aptitude, skill
b : the faculty or potential for treating, experiencing, or appreciating

4: duty, position, role

5: the facility or power to produce, perform, or deploy: capability; also, maximum output

One of the reasons this word intrigues me is that it can be both limited and infinite. A maximum capacity has a limit, something that can be reached, measured, contained. Yet capacity can also be limitless – a capacity to love, to experience, to create. It’s more than that, too, but that duality fascinates me.

The capacity of 2014 is unknown on day one. Let the journey begin.

What is your one-word resolution?


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