The library connects us with the insight and knowledge, painfully extracted from Nature, of the greatest minds that ever were, with the best teachers, drawn from the entire planet and from all our history, to instruct us without tiring, and to inspire us to make our own contribution to the collective knowledge of the human species. I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.
~ Carl Sagan, Cosmos

National Library Week is April 14-20, 2013! Help your library celebrate!

Most libraries will be having some sort of special celebrations during the upcoming week. Our campus library is doing several, including a Fines for Food day, where you can bring in nonperishable food items to pay off a portion of your overdue fines in support of the local food bank. We’re celebrating our student workers with a recognition lunch, thanking them for their service throughout the year, with special recognition to our senior students, who will be leaving us in just a few weeks!

We’re also doing an Edible Book Festival on Monday, which is great fun if you’ve never experienced one before (and even more if you have!). Book and word mongers gather in celebration of wordplay, cooking, and creativity — all for the love of books! The entries can be depictions of the title or characters, food that looks like a book, puns, or other creative ideas that weld together books and food. Take a wander through a Google search to see some of the amazing creations that have been put together for festivals around the US.

I’ve been plotting my entry for a couple of weeks, searching the internet and my shelves, and mine will be no masterpiece. I’m not artistically inclined, especially when sculpting food-like things is involved. I’m far more inclined for a good pun. In fact, my first inclination was to do “The Bundt for Red October”. My husband, pulled into creative brainstorming, came up with a loaf of bread, topped with a beet as “Das Beet.” I even considered doing something from the Rare Book Room — the Book of Kell(ogg)s — but feared it overreached. So, I selected a lesser known book, but one of my favorites, so much so that I have a signed copy I’m loaning to go along with the display. Won’t win any prizes, I’m sure, but I had fun. I’ll share the results after we’re all done on Monday.

How about your favorite library — are they doing anything special? What’s the best thing about your favorite library? Make their week and tell them!

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4 responses to “Libraries

  1. The library was/is my most favourite place in college 🙂

    Just Another Blog

  2. OTEbby

    Enjoyed this post. Libraries are great, I used to work in one many years ago, it was not exactly academic, our most popular books were romances and westerns, but it was a great resource for the local community that had very few facilities otherwise. In the dark winter evenings it was the only warm and light place so all the local teenagers came and hung out with us- they didn’t read any books though!
    Good luck with the rest of the A-Z Challenge.

  3. Libraries give all people an even playing field.

  4. I love libraries! I live in a small town at the moment though and the library is not all that fantastic. 😦 I miss my favourite stomping ground back in Vancouver, that was a wonderful library!

    Have fun with a-z.

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