First Aid

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The appearance of a disease is swift as an arrow; its disappearance slow, like a thread.
~ Chinese Proverb

If you have followed this blog for a while, you might recall that 2011 was the year of the surgeon in our household. For the most part, we are healthy folk, not without issues and problems, but reasonably, the majority of the time, at any given point, healthy and happy. In 2011, I learned how quickly that can change. January of that year brought a double retinal hemorrhage for my husband, followed by laser surgery and multiple injections of antibiotics into his eye. Yes — INTO. HIS. EYE.

*allowing time for you to stop quivering at the very thought — and yes, indeed, he is very brave*

In April that year was my encounter with a glass dish at Easter, severing both tendons in the ring finger on my right hand. Two surgeries and several months of physical therapy followed.

But then we were done – or so we thought. Now I’m beginning to be convinced that either Virginia does not like us very much or that getting old really sucks. Like really sucks. We moved here in August and since then, my husband has been hospitalized twice and has amassed a medical team larger than I ever imagined.

Evidently it was my turn again over the weekend. Saturday – F day for the A-to-Z challenge – found me seeking first aid. In the doctor’s office and then the ER. Followed by surgery. Not major surgery, but general anesthesia, knock-you-out-for-real, guess what you have a new doctor surgery. I’m fine, back at work, and only slightly nauseous and sleepy (and, if you ask others, probably grumpy, too). But dang it all — seriously? The pain is gone, which is good. By then I didn’t mind the various sticks, pokes, prods, and general public display that is medical care. I just wanted to feel better.

We’ll see how that goes.

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2 responses to “First Aid

  1. I am confused. This did happen, or didn’t happen, to you? If it is creative writing then you are doing a very convincing job!

  2. Oh, nooooo! I surely hope you’re feeling better….

    PS – I just figured out that the A-Z challenge meant your blog posts were about the letters in order. Yeah. Because I’m just that quick. LOL

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