Diabolical Streak

vinyl albums

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
~ Berthold Auerbach

Tucked in the back of a closet are several boxes of vinyl albums. The boxes have traveled with us now over at least 6 moves and 3 states. You’d think after 16 years of marriage our albums would be intermixed beyond separation, yet as we pulled them out one by one from the boxes, each of us knew immediately which one belonged to each of us.

Growing up, one of the “certain signs of destiny” –as we called the teenage signals that you and your crush of the month were destined to be together– was a similar taste in music. The first visit to boy’s house might include his proud demonstration of the extensive vinyl collection he had put together (or inherited from his older brother….). You could tell at a glance how compatible this crush-fest might be based on how your musical interests coincided.

“Wow….. You like John Denver, too?” *cue dreamy look*

“Holy cow….” said a boy flipping through my collection, “you have Pat Benatar and Pink Floyd?” *cue puppy dog eyes*

It’s much more difficult to snag a glance at somebody’s digital playlist. Especially as an adult. There’s no subtle slipping over to the bookshelf and casually flipping the vinyls. There’s no casual glance to see what’s the latest album sitting on the turntable. Now it takes being able to break a passcode or log onto their computer to see what the most played song is in their digital library! How are you supposed to figure out if your musical tastes match up? And, in the case of long-married folks like we are, how are you to know what kinds of strange things occupy your beloved’s ears behind the earbuds?

When we first merged our vinyl collections back in the day, I was suitably impressed by my husband’s collection of Beatles albums and 45s, not to mention all my favorite 70s artists. He was shocked that I owned Whitesnake and “Whip It”. These days, a glance at our mutual digital files shows he’s grown into Pavarotti while I’ve drifted to soundtracks and Colm Wilkinson.

Every now and again I will breeze through the thousands of songs on my various i-devices just to rejigger the playlists or load up something new. And then I’ll find one that I have no recollection of buying, no immediate recognition that this was mine, though it’s on my side of the digital music divide. One that when I play it through the speakers, my husband looks at me over his glasses like “What are you listening to now?”

“Diabolical Streak” is one of those songs. Jill Tracy, described as a Neo-Cabaret singer, released it in 1999. Given that one of the other songs on the album is titled “The Fine Art of Poisoning,” this one isn’t so bad…. (and yes, I evidently did by the album). You can give it a listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hijbLZ9VRz8

Maybe I was in a mood….. who knows. But the evidence exists. Evidently I at some point had a Diabolical Streak in the plans.

So, ‘fess up……what’s the strangest song on your playlists?

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  1. I still make mix tapes from my vinyl records. I long to own a Wurlitzer bubbler jukebox for my 45s.

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