Boom – what you do to me


Sometimes I wonder – if I were drop-dead handsome, and every woman I met actually dropped dead, would I ever get tired of it? ~Robert Brault

Over the weekend, my husband and I were emptying the latest round of television shows from the DVR and watched a favorite, Modern Family. One of the subplots for this episode focused on Cam and Claire doing home improvements on a house they were planning to flip. As you might imagine, disagreements and hilarity ensued. Cam wanted to put a little zing in the backyard with a water installation; Claire feared it would put them over budget. But Cam couldn’t resist what he called the “Wow-factor” of it all. So much so that when Clair and their consultant saw his creation for the first time, Cam quietly added “-factor” after each time they said “Wow.”

“Wow” “factor.”

“Wow” “factor.”

It was a funny little scene that of course continued to go horribly awry in true sit-com style, but I stuck on that moment. Of Cam adding “-factor” to the “Wow” of it all. The need to have more than just “Wow.”

Thinking back on Wow-worthy moments in my life, I realize that for me the best ones were not the loud, thunder-booming W-O-W’s of life. There have been moments where the wow’s have been good and bad, funny and sad, sarcastic and not. Wow covers a lot of wide spectrum when you think about it.

But the loud wow’s are not necessarily the biggest and best. For me, it tends to be the quiet wow’s that changed me the most, the moments where the wow of it all takes my breath away. Holding a tiny baby. Hearing sad news from a friend. A fabulously well-written scene in a book. A beautiful flower, or an autumn sunset. When you realize you’ve met your soulmate. Those moments where your head and heart feel quiet tremors, when the air escapes in a hush, when your shoulders settle with the weight of what is happening. The moments of true “boom – what you do to me.” Those are some of my best wow moments, now forever destined to have a little voice in my head saying “-factor” along with the wow.

What’s your wow-factor?

P.S. If you didn’t start humming at the title of this post, then you should give a listen to Perry Como’s 1956 version. Apologies for inducing an earworm, but sometimes, hot diggity, you just have to!

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2 responses to “Boom – what you do to me

  1. Wow, boom! Enjoyed this. My post today holds an ear-worm too, even though my blog is abut animals!

  2. Boom – and I agree! Wows are exicting, but it is booms that make life worth living! Again, an excellent post!

    A to Z Challenge 2013
    The Urge To Preserve

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