News to Share

“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

Hi all!

My apologies for being absent lately – but I have news to share! In early June, I accepted a new position, which means my husband, cat, and I will be moving at the end of July! Although not far compared to other folks who move cross-country or around the world, the shift several states to the east will pull us farther from family and friends than either of us have been before. So, as you might guess, June was a month of excited flurry as we both submitted resignations at our current positions, made a road-trip to find a new place to live, and began the process of saying good-bye to family and friends and favorite places.

So please forgive if I’m not around much this summer – just picture mounds of boxes and the sound of packing tape closing them up and you’ll be right here with me!

Hope you all are enjoying the summer and made it through the heat wave if your area has been hit. Our’s has, with days in the 100s, and I’m hoping it will be back to just regular summer heat soon.

Take care, and thanks for hanging in here! I’ll pop in with updates and be back in full swing in August……

Stay cool!

Polar Bear Cleveland Zoo



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2 responses to “News to Share

  1. I’ll be thinking about you, Lynda! Moving is always a pain. I’ve never moved more than 30 miles one way or the other – it must be even more challenging if you’re moving several states. Sure hope it’s not so blasted hot on moving day! And congratulations on the new position. 😀 I’ll tape a box shut in your honor. LOL

  2. This is very exciting news, Lynda! We moved from California to Alabama four years ago and arrived on July the third. We always have a little pre fourth celebration to mark the event now. Look forward to your pictures and stories about your travels on the upcoming move. ~ Lynda

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