Front Row Living

Women on coaster with multiple reactions

You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row. The choice is yours. ~ Author Unknown

I found this photo while browsing around Pinterest several weeks ago. The archivist in me loved it; it’s one of those everyday moments I wrote about yesterday, a moment captured in time. I adore the concept that these women, in what looks like their Sunday-best dresses and hats, are riding a roller coaster. I would love to know the story behind this picture.

But the expressions of the women and the perfect caption that goes with it also struck me on a personal level. It’s so true that we forget the simple joy in living, in experiencing the moments of life. I know a lot of “third-row” people, those who even in a moment of fun, simply can’t crawl out of their own shell to enjoy an experience, to find pleasure in life. And I know I have days like that, where things go wrong, or I have to do things that I don’t like or want to do, where I am not enjoying life in the moment. But I know those “third-row” moments are fleeting. Can you imagine living your life that way? I can’t. But I know some who do…….

The women in the first row are women who enjoy life, who can find the pleasure in the moment. And it is really about “finding” the pleasure. Sometimes it hides or takes some digging to uncover. But if you enjoy life, you are likely to discover pleasure where others may not. Even if it means having your slip show and dang near losing your hat.

It is a choice. In all honesty, I’m more the second-row woman in the hat with the slight smile.

So how about you — what’s your row of choice?

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3 responses to “Front Row Living

  1. This is great! After your comments above I took a closer look and it made me feel sorry for the ladies in the third row…

    Most days I am a second row sort, with forays into the first row! ~ Lynda

  2. Jumping Puddles

    front row all the way…as a wise person once said, ‘life is not a spectator sport!’

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