Monday Moments: Madness in the Air

It’s that time of year again – madness is in the air – in multiple ways!

March Madness, of course, kicks off today with a feverish scribbling and erasing and rescribbling of brackets. In the years since we got married, I have converted my husband into a college basketball fan, particularly when March Madness rolls around. In part, that’s because the first year he had the job here, we (and by “we” I mean he entered and I did the brackets!) entered his office bracket pool and took first place out of more than 100 people! Of course, I’ve never been able to do that again in the years since then, but not for lack of trying! Dang those bubble-bursting teams….

Also, Dayton is home to the “First Four” play-in games on Tuesday night, so beginning yesterday, Madness is indeed in the air. The level of madness escalated tremendously with the announcement last week that President Obama and the British Prime Minister will be in attendance at those games on Tuesday. Wow! Very cool! The Dayton Daily News even did a piece on other presidential visits to Dayton, something one of my colleagues here did all the photographic research in the DDN archives here for them!

Finally, madness of a different sort is also on the horizon! As you may have noticed from the dancing zebra in today’s lead photo, the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge is just weeks away (actually less than 3, now)! If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a marvelous way to work on blogging skills by completing a 6 day per week, alphabet-driven blogging challenge throughout the month of April. Introduced in 2010 by Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, the Challenge continues to grow. Last year, more than 1300 bloggers took part, and when I added my blog to the list yesterday, I was number 985 for 2012. And seriously, one of the best parts of the Challenge is the community it builds, as part of the fun is hopping from blog to blog to see what everyone else is doing. I met some great bloggers last year, and I’m sure I will this year as well! Hopefully this year I’ll get to finish, since last year I was closing in on the end of the Challenge when I injured my hand on April 24 (soooo close!) — now, I can’t believe it’s a year later, but that means I have extra motivation to dig in and complete the Challenge this year! Let us know if you’re going to join the challenge ~ we’d love to follow along on your journey, too!

So, what kind of Madness is hovering around your world??



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3 responses to “Monday Moments: Madness in the Air

  1. My madness is getting ready to go away for a long weekend this coming Saturday. I’m so excited to go! The dogs have no idea they’re going to the kennel and we will be dog free.

  2. I’m doing the challenge, it’s how I just found you 🙂

    How awful and annoying that you hurt your hand so close to the end! I wish you tons of good luck for this year! You can make it 🙂 Lovely blog, by the way, I enjoyed reading this post 🙂

  3. March Madness followed by April Adventure – A to Z Challenge

    Welcome to the challenge. A fellow participant


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