Monday Moments: Cooking Dinner

Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. ~ Harriet van Horne

My husband’s birthday was Friday, and over the weekend, while we entertained family for a birthday visit, I fixed a birthday dinner for my husband.

I used to cook a whole lot more than I have done lately. In fact, since I injured my hand cooking Easter dessert in late April, my actual cooking and baking has been rather limited. For several weeks, we had the luxury of friends and neighbors bringing in wonderfully fabulous food. Since then, we’ve made do, as my reluctance to cook to my usual level was matched by the ongoing weakness in my right hand. And the inclination to remove all glass bakeware from my kitchen!! But as you saw a couple weeks ago here on the blog, I did whip together a few things for the county fair. So I decided to give the whole birthday dinner a try.

And, I discovered, I have missed cooking! The picture above is the birthday dinner I made, combining family dishes from both his and my family. I used an old favorite for the main dish – his mom’s Breaded Chicken recipe, known in our house as February Chicken (as the breading is Flour, then Eggs, then Breadcrumbs). Fried briefly to set the coating, it is then baked in the oven for an hour or so until done. Instead of my usual mashed potato side dish, I made a hashbrown casserole in the crockpot, which turned out so-so. A garden salad, some broccoli to add color.

And for dessert? I was all set to order him a birthday cake when he decided he wanted something with apples. So I turned to one of my mom’s recipes, one that I can’t remember why I haven’t made him before, for Apple Cake with a cinnamon-vanilla warm sauce over the top. De-lic-ious!!

He enjoyed his dinner, and the leftovers. So my return to cooking was a success!

And I’ll definitely be making that apple cake again, as it was every bit as good as I remembered from when my Mom made it.

Now I need to get busy deciding what to make for our anniversary dinner in a few weeks……

Hmmmm… Maybe you can help!

What’s your favorite dinner to cook for special occasions?


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