Monday Moments: McCartney, Baby

I don’t take me seriously. If we get some giggles, I don’t mind.
~ Paul McCartney

There are some things in life you do just because. Getting the opportunity to see a living legend, to spend a moment with living history, is one of those things.

Last Thursday night, my husband and I, along with some friends, went to Cincinnati to see Paul McCartney in concert.

Yeah, baby….. McCartney. (If you want to catch the opening number, it’s available on YouTube, as are clips from nearly every song he performed.)

The Fab Four arriving at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati, August 1964 (Courtesy of Dayton Daily News Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University)

Now, I do like the Beatles. Not in the scream-my-head-off 1960s fandom kind of liking the Beatles, but I have some of their tunes on the iPod. And, yes, a few Wings songs made it on there, too. I love music, have it on around me as much as I can. Keep a playlist going for writing, different tunes for a.m. and p.m. writing, for different moods. I have my old original iPod mini at work, and my iPhone with me, and iTunes at home, all chock-full of tunes. I’ve kept my playlist organizational habit controlled — there are only 18 lists on the iPhone. (Ok, it helps that I don’t have to create a separate playlists for specific artists or albums — that cut out a lot of my original lists.)

But I’m a hard sell to get to a concert. These days, they certainly aren’t inexpensive. And I’m not fond of crowds. Or full parking lots. If I like some singer or band’s music, I buy it, but even as a teenager, I never felt the driving need to go see even my most favorite artist in concert. Plays, theater, heck yes. Concerts? Meh, not so much.

So when my husband first proposed that we go see Paul McCartney, I was skeptical.


“Because,” he said, “the guy’s a living legend.”

Important, critical pause.

“Hon, the guy was a frickin’ Beatle.”

Ok. He knows me well. So off to see McCartney we went.

View from our seats

And it was fab-u-lous! The music was amazing. He played a 3-hour concert, no intermission, with 2 full-set encores. Not bad for a 69-year-old.

And he’s still quite handsome! He started the evening in a red jacket –“For playing in the home of the Reds,” he said.

That didn’t last long – it was August in Ohio. But the evening was beautiful, milder temperatures than we had experienced in weeks, with a cool breeze blowing in off the nearby river. He shed the jacket, claiming it would be the only wardrobe change of the evening, and spent the rest of the time in black pants, white shirt, and black suspenders. Yowza!

But the best part? Like in his quote above, he never took himself too seriously. He had fun, you could see it on his face. He told stories, shared songs, and showed videos across the backdrop full of old pictures and film clips. He moved with an unselfconscious grace.

And his voice is as gorgeous as ever. Whether singing with the entire band and back-ups or just him with a piano or ukulele, it’s still drop-dead awesome. (Um, yeah, I said ukulele…. here’s the clip where he plays “Something” in Cincinnati). Turns out it was the last night of the tour before they went “on holiday.”

So pop in your favorite McCartney tune today and feel free to sing along, out loud! Let ’em hear you! It’s Monday, after all.

What’s your favorite McCartney/Beatles tune?

The best concert you ever went to?


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