Monday Moments: Fair Season

My brother and I loved the slide at the Illinois State Fair.

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

When the calendar turns to August, that can only mean that fair season will soon be here. In fact, my local county fair is going on this week!

As a child, I was fortunate to live in the county that hosted the state fair. With my father a farmer and my mother an artist, the State Fair was a highlight of the year. Dad always took us through the tractor displays and the ag buildings, learning about new crops, farming techniques, and the latest technology in agriculture. Mom would then take us through the mercantile and fine arts buildings, where we could admire the biggest local produce, the finest in local arts and crafts, and the best of farm kitchens around the state. It was a time to celebrate all the great things we loved about living on a farm.

Although he didn’t grow up on a farm, my husband was lucky to live near one of the oldest and largest county fairs in the nation. His memories of going to the county fair make for some amazing stories of fair food, people watching, and precious times spent with family and friends and this once-a-year festivity.

So for those who still love all the special moments of going to the fair, we’ll be spending this week on the blog celebrating fair season.

Here are a couple of Monday Moments to help get your mind on fair season. If you’re feeling a little bit country, check out Chris Ledoux’s “County Fair” video. Or sit back and enjoy this wonderful segment celebrating farming and the arts from Our Ohio, a production of ThinkTV, our local PBS station.

What do you remember about going to the fair?

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