Monday Moments: Photographs & Memories

Photographs and memories
Christmas cards you sent to me
All that I have are these
To remember you
~ Jim Croce
“Photographs and Memories”

What an amazing surprise to find my blog post on “Summer Road Trips” featured on the front page at “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress all weekend! Definitely a great way to start a Monday! Thanks so much for all the visits and thoughtful comments. I loved reading all of your road trip memories and ideas! Also, a warm welcome to all my new subscribers to Second Memory. I really appreciate you signing on for the ride, and I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

We finally got a small break in the warm summer weather after more than a week spent in 90-degree temperatures and steamy humidity. Our local meteorologist kept calling it “air you can wear,” and she was right! But as I looked at the calendar noting the weather, I was also reminded that this is the last week of July — summer is quickly passing. I even saw the first “Back-to-School” sale in a store over the weekend. That means my summer project list needs a few more things crossed off before the rest of summer disappears as quickly as the first half has gone by.

One of those tasks I always promise myself to take care of is my stash of photographs, old and new. Thanks to my very computer-savvy husband, our digital images are categorized, stored, and backed up. Not so much our regular photographs.

So this week, we’re tackling family photographs – here on the blog and at home. Feel free to dig out your pile or box or crate and share the fun with us — the crazy strange ones as well as the poignant ones of things and people no longer around us.

Jim Croce’s “Photographs and Memories” says it best, even almost forty years later.

After all, moments to remember are what keeping photographs is all about, isn’t it?



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6 responses to “Monday Moments: Photographs & Memories

  1. Good luck. If you think of a quick and easy way to sort and store those old photos, let me know. Or just a quick way. Or easy way…

  2. You are very right….photographs have their own place, their own might. They capture time so wonderfully and that’s why I also cherish all the pictures taken at different point of time. Inspite of all the benefits, digital photographs have one disadvantage…you cannot at any time hop on and see them and moreover they are so many in number that you can’t see all of them. So only today I have added another task to my list-arranging all the photos (although they are already lying in proper albums), deleting the repetitive ones and getting selected ones printed. I want to keep my beautiful memories alive and would like to know if there is some other better way.

    • I have boxes and boxes of photographs, old photos, most of them not very good but a part of me from Before in my life. How do I even begin to decide which ones to keep, i.e. how do you decide to throw out a part of your life? I really do not want to leave a garage of full of stuff, useless stuff really, for my kids to have to sort out someday when I’m gone.

      Thank God for the digital age I say. What I do now is select out photos I want to keep and then upload them to Shutterfly, where I can keep an online album. I can share the album with family and friends. They can even comment on the photos, although in truth no one ever does. But I have stopped adding to the stack of photo albums accumulating dust in my closet. I can buy photos – they’re pretty cheap really, but even better I can print a book of the photos from any given trip. We have books from our vacations to places like Disney, and with my [witty] captions and editorials they make fun family reading at bedtime.

      • Yeah that’s true. This is the only concern why I have not been printing my photos till now-for not leaving huge stacks behind, useless for others (when I am gone). But there are special memories you want to have a look and keep looking and discussing again and again and I hope the idea of getting books is workable and useful too. Thanks!!!

  3. The photo books I’ve seen are wonderful! My sister did one for the family of Christmas photos and recipes that pulled together a bunch of family favorites. And I love the idea of doing ones for your family vacations!

    One thing (of many!) I’m behind on is getting hooked up with an online photo service like Shutterfly or Flickr or the like. Don’t know why I haven’t made that leap yet….

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