Bright Lights, Big City!

Last week was simply an amazing week! I spent a little over four days in marvelous New York City for the 2011 Romance Writers of America National Conference. Each year, more than 2100 authors, editors, publishers, and agents gather to celebrate reading and writing romances of all sorts. The days are full of workshops and book signings, while the evenings are parties, dinners and drinks with friends old and new, and sightseeing.

Throughout the rest of the upcoming week, I’ll share some of my adventures with you. But here are just a few of my favorite moments to whet your appetite for the stories yet to come.

Al Roker working the crowd line on the plaza at the Today Show

Times Square, NYC

On the plaza for the Today Show

The view from my seat at a Broadway show - can you guess which one?

What’s your favorite New York City memory or location?



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3 responses to “Bright Lights, Big City!

  1. anotherlist

    I’m excited to hear about your trip!

  2. Hi Erin!
    I can’t wait to catch up with you – so much information, ideas, and news!!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  3. I can not guess which show you saw, the Times Square has many people.

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