Guest Bloggers: Tara Taylor Quinn and Tim Barney

Maple Street Cover
[Lynda’s note: Please join me in welcoming my first guest bloggers, Tara Taylor Quinn and Tim Barney — very special visitors indeed! They are stopping by as part of the blog tour for their newest book, It Happened on Maple Street, which tells their true life love story. I’m very honored to have them here. And for those stopping by on the tour, thanks for visiting here with us today!]

Tim and I have been looking forward to today’s stop. It feels more like a day off then a day on the road. We won’t take up too much space because I want you all to have time to look around, to spend enough time to browse. I found the site by accident. I was doing a search on the internet that ultimately led me here. I was reading for a bit before I realized that the site’s owner is one of us. She’s been right here on tour with us this entire trip. I read on. And on. I’m busy. I barely have time to read my mail, but I just kept reading. I didn’t want to leave. And when I need reminders of what really matters in life, when I’m getting ahead of myself, or starting to panic, I come back here. I hope you all find some of the same solace here that keeps bringing me back.

A post that most particularly sticks with me is Lynda’s post from her mother’s journal about her grandmother – the fact that she’s able to publish her mother’s words is phenomenal enough to make the post worth reading. But her grandmother’s wisdom – that’s priceless. The grandmother’s words keep repeating themselves in my brain. I’ll give you just a teaser – in my brain it goes something like this, ‘if you don’t have the time to do something right the first time, how will you ever find the time to do it a second time?’ I don’t know why that spoke to me so voraciously, but I’m listening! And applying, too.

To me, this blog, this stop, the way you can be looking for one thing and end up stumbling upon a great gift is what life, the Maple Street tour, and our communing here together is all about. We strengthen each other just by putting ourselves out here. And life, no matter how difficult, always has good to offer us around the corner. We just have to be open to it.

Tim is here, too. The idea behind the site spoke to him – this idea of second memory. It inspired some great conversation. Between us – and with our dinner companion last night. When we got home, Tim put some of his thoughts down to share with you all. Here’s what he has to say:

It’s funny that when you’re a kid and living in the moment you take everything for granted. Your world is the way the world is supposed to be. You have kind of an oblivious look at your environment. But when you get a bit of age on you, you tend to remember those same things with a bit more emotion attached to them. You tend to let emotion spice them up. However, there are certain memories in life that really were just the way you remember them. For example, Tara and I met at Wright State University in October, at October Daze. I can still remember the day exactly the same as it was when I was there in 1977. The day was overcast, drizzling rain, and cold. To some that would seem like a horrible day, but to me, the feeling I had when I was talking to Tara kept me oblivious to the weather. Still to this day when the weather is, as it has been for the past month, rainy and cool, I love it and want to be outside in it. I associate those cool rainy days with the way I felt that 1977 October day.

Tim and Tara

Tim and Tara

It’s those clear and vivid memories that you can actually write about in great detail. When Tara and I sat down to write It Happened On Maple Street, we had no problem remembering the details of what happened from our own perspectives. And when we compared notes, we found that the stories were identical except for the point view they came from. Our memories were so clear and vivid – and accurate. I realized through all of this that certain memories stay with us vividly because they’re enhanced by a longing to have those times again.

And every once in a while, we get lucky. Every once in a while we get to go back, as Tara and I did, and find that what was there, still is. And it’s every bit as good as the memory promised it would be.

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16 responses to “Guest Bloggers: Tara Taylor Quinn and Tim Barney

  1. Hi Tara and Tim, wow what a great name for a blog. I know I’ll be back.
    I have been a faithful follower on your tour and one thing that I’ve done while on it besides learning a little more about you with each stop is some great new places to visit on the web, new blogs like this one, new websites like the HCI books website who published the book and old friend websites like and of course the websites that promote healing and help for abuse victims.
    I thank you both for all the time and effort you’ve put into this tour and as always I’ll follow along to the next stop.

  2. EllenToo

    I agree with Deb … I have found some interesting blogs to return to. I’ll have to come back here when I have more time and look around.

  3. sandy kachurek

    The power of the written word to generate connections enables good friends to become closer, estranged ones to reunite, and strangers to begin sharing. An excellent blog, Lynda, one that would naturally invite writers like me, the aspiring type, and like Tara and Tim, the professional type, to comment. Continued success.

  4. Karen C

    Hi Tara & Tim:
    I was here earlier this morning, typed a cool comment and then apparently hit the wrong key and it all disappeared! I’m hoping the nasty computer gods are out for dinner and will give me a break ;o)

    This was another inspired post. I love Lynda’s grandmother’s words of wisdom and plan to come back to further check everything out a bit more. I especially love Tim’s comments today, especially the last paragraph. I’m very happy that you and Tim got to go back and that it’s as good as you remembered.

    One of the things that I have really enjoyed about following you and Tim on this blog tour is all the new places I’ve been able to visit and learn from. The other commenters have been very eloquent – let me just second those comments!

    Thank you, again, for sharing your story!
    Karen C.

    • Hi Karen,
      Evidently the computer gods let you be this time! Tara and Tim have taken us to some really great sites on the tour, and I’m so thrilled to have them here! Thanks for visiting with us!


    • Karen and all,
      I’m glad you enjoyed today’s stop! I’m very very sorry we weren’t here all day with you as planned. We were really looking forward to being here.

      What Tim and I had thought was going to be a couple of hours at the hospital for a quick event turned into a full day of waiting. We’re happy to report that all is well.

  5. Tara, I’m so glad everything is OK


  6. Kaelee

    I’ve been so busy again that I missed this stop yesterday. I’ll be bookmarking this site so I can make a return visit.
    I’m sorry you had to spend part of your day waiting around at a hospital. that’s not a fun thing to do. I’m gals all is well though.

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