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We all know the question: Are you a glass half-full or a glass half-empty kind of person?

In the interest of research, I took a couple of those “wonderful” online evaluations which asked that very question. Okay, the one on Facebook was more silly than anything else –aren’t they all?– but the one on Psychology Today should carry a bit more clout, yes?

Hmmm. Forty-seven analytical questions later, plus a few demographic ones for good measure, gave me the following result on their optimistic-pessimistic scale:

Snapshot Report
Cynicism: 35/100
According to your responses, you are generally the type of person who believes in the goodness of humankind. You give nearly everyone the benefit of the doubt (at least until proven wrong), and will often accept what people say and do at face value instead of making conjectures about their motives. You will at least try to find the good in even the most difficult of people, and are willing to place your faith in others. Unlike their more positive counterparts, pessimists have a lot of difficulty trusting others, believing that most, if not all people have hidden agendas. Tempered with that necessary dose of skepticism, your fairly trusting and accepting nature is refreshing, and likely provides you with a much more balanced and upbeat perspective overall.

I will admit there are moments when the Urban Dictionary’s term half-fumpty seems to fit: “Half full and half empty at the same time.
It’s a metaphor towards how you look at life. Some days the glass is half full and other days the glass is half empty. Most days, it is half-fumpty.”

Actually, I think my husband summed me up pretty accurately when he answered that question about me: “You’re the kind of person who sees the glass half-full, but is always aware that it could tip over at any moment.”

How about you? How about your characters? Half-full, half-empty, or half-fumpty?

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