New Adventures

waterfall close up

“There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won’t.”
— William Least Heat-Moon, Blue Highways

I don’t necessarily think of myself as adventurous.  Oh sure, I’ve done things I would call an adventure.  My first date with my husband, for example, was definitely an adventure — one that turned out well.  Setting out to write the stories in my head — well, that’s more of an adventure in progress.  But stepping out of my comfort zone is not something I do often.  So when I have an adventure, most of the time, it wasn’t because I planned them to be that way.  Usually they were adventurous because something didn’t go as planned.  I’m okay with that, not much choice really.

Since reaching one of the zero-ending birthdays a few years ago –you know, the ones marking a shift in personal decades?– I’ve purposefully tried to be more adventurous, to take more steps outside my regular parameters, and to try things that normally I wouldn’t.  It’s actually been fun.  I’ve done things I never would have done prior to that birthday and am grateful to have taken the chance and done them.

There’s an interesting one of those things-I’ve-never-done coming up in a few weeks.  A friend of mine wants to take a course on how to handle guns safely and earn her concealed carry permit.  And she’s talked me into it as well, for sisterhood, companionship, and, I think, so we can look woefully silly together.  My husband is already joking that soon the two of us will be “Thelma-and-Louise-ing” it around the countryside.  Ha ha.  Very funny.  I’m just hoping the adventure of the class will be all the adventure I find that day….

Where do you fall — are  you one who hopes to find adventure, or one that hopes you don’t?  Are your characters more adventurous than you are?

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