Poinsettia Fountain

November is all about giving thanks.  There have been so many things for me to be thankful about this year, this month, this week, that I hesitate to even start a list.  Moreover, I try to be the kind of person who doesn’t wait for a particular day or season to share my thanks.  Rather, I try to share my gratitude on a daily basis.  My mother certainly tried to distill that into all her children, that we should celebrate the moments with others as they happen, or at the very least, when we can.  She knew all too much about how quickly those moments can disappear.

But, in case I haven’t done so lately, thanks for dropping by, taking a moment of your day to share a bit, to care a bit, about this life of mine.  I hope you have the chance to tell someone thanks for being a part of your life, too.  We couldn’t do any of this without each other.

Hope to see you again, soon.


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