“How’s your life? It’s been a while….”

fall trees

One of my go-to songs the past few weeks has been Bon Jovi’s “(You Want To) Make a Memory”.  The lyrics of the chorus go like this:

You wanna make a memory?
You wanna steal a piece of time?
You can sing the melody to me
And I could write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory?

My absence here the past few weeks, my friends, can be explained by the fact that I was out making memories!  The fall weather has been absolutely gorgeous, producing some of the most glorious fall colors I’ve seen in years.  As you know from previous posts, autumn is my season.  I love it.  It works like an energizing force, reviving spirits and plans with equal measure.  Perhaps it is the aftereffect of way too many years of starting school in the fall — and yes, I was the kid who did so with absolute joy at being able to get back to the learning.  Some have called me addicted to it……  Personally, I argue it is the result of being a farmer’s daughter, riding out the seasons year after year, knowing that with fall came the culmination of all the year’s hard work to fruition.  The harvest beckoned us, and a good autumn meant it was a good year overall.  Family plans for the next twelve months hinged on the results of what autumn brought with it.

So, in addition to enjoying all the best things autumn has to offer — fall colors, crisp days and nights, apple cider and hot cocoa, hayrides and pumpkin everything — I’ve also gotten to have some great experiences reading good books, meeting (or seeing again) fabulous authors, some new and one a favorite, and have been hard at work on my own work in progress.  It’s been a calendar-filling few weeks, but I love nothing better.

So as the lyrics say…… “How’s your life?  It’s been a while….”   What has kept you occupied these days?  


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