Autumn’s Arrival

Lynda's Reading nook

Lynda's Reading Nook

Yesterday, in the gray clouds and much-needed rain, I longed for a jacket for the first time since the end of winter.  That first taste of cold to the bone blew through in the afternoon, turning my thoughts to autumn campfires, ghost stories, and the coming of winter and the holidays.  Out shopping the previous weekend, I saw the first decorated trees in the stores, the first ornaments for sale.  While I love Christmas and the spirit of the season, I’m just not quite ready for it to begin in late September!

But autumn is indeed my favorite season.  Perhaps it’s because my birthday draws near, and I love the warmth of celebrations with close friends.  Perhaps it’s the smell of burning leaves and roasting marshmallows, or just the fellowship that typically comes with events like those.  Or, more likely, having grown up on a farm, it’s more about the passage of time and the end of the growing season, the conclusion of one cycle before the hibernation of winter and the rebirth of things come spring.  Underneath the joy of friends and family, though, there is also a longing for moments that seem to only come with winter – especially curling up with a good book, new discovery or old favorite, under a quilt, warm beverage in hand.  We just finished creating such a corner for me in our new place – affectionately dubbed my reading nook.  And frankly, I can’t wait to take advantage of it, starting tonight.

So share a bit…..  What does the arrival of autumn bring for you?


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