A Pox Upon This House

Wow.  Where did that week…. um, two weeks go? The short answer: there was an evil pox upon our house!

After a late July working vacation, we began moving into our new place the day following our return in early August.  By late August, I finally thought we were getting our feet back under us.  The empty boxes were disappearing.  Three trips to IKEA and a weekend of putting bookshelves together helped that process a lot.  It was the magical moment in late August when summer is winding down, fall is on the brink but not yet here, and school is still a holiday weekend away from beginning.  That was one reason we picked August 31 as our wedding date lo those 13 years ago!  Okay, it also was Labor Day weekend that weekend and, with families arriving from two different states, we did the whole weekend wedding thing.  But we also like the season.  We love traveling after the kids are back in school, mostly because we don’t have any!   But that last week of August is a golden week in our household.  We celebrate not only our anniversary but also mourn the end of a summer free of regular work/school routines and the passing of county fairs, local festivals, and Mondays off into memory.

So much for peaceful, though.  On our anniversary, my husband came down with a wicked infection, eventually diagnosed as cellulitis, so the following week was one full of doctor’s appointments, antibiotics, Sharpied-on leg tattoos, and eventually a  consultation with a surgeon!  The measly cold I ended up with by the end of the week  –all coughy, sneezy, and blowy– was nothing in comparison.

But via the magical power of antibiotics, this week he got the all-clear from the surgeon!  Huzzah, Hurray, and Hallelujah!  Now, school has started, fall has most definitely arrived, and we lost that last precious week of quiet calm because some irritated gremlin hexed our house. But I will not complain, but rather focus on the good – he’s well, and that trumps all.

Hope September is off and rolling for you!

Catch you later.


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