On a dime

Yep, life changed on a dime again today. Nothing totally huge, but enough to help me rearrange my schedule the next 12 weeks. We found out that one of our adjunct instructors isn’t able to teach this quarter, so we needed to swap in something else. Based on some of the feedback from our graduate students from the past couple of years, we decided to try one where students can research and create a project (podcast, digital story, historical interpretation, exhibit or something else they come up with) which they will present/display and do a public presentation about. Works on research skills, understanding their intended audience, project management, and lots of presentation skills. Plus they’ll walk away with a decent addition to their resume/portfolio (hopefully). We’ll see if I get enough students to make it fly!  But of course that means I have two weeks to pull together a brand new 10-week graduate course, over and above my regular day job and my writing. But such is life, isn’t it? To keep you challenged, right?

And last night’s recipes? They were a hit. I brought home two empty containers!! Joy and happiness all around. The Gazpacho Pasta Salad was fresh-tasting and colorful; personally, I thought it needed a little extra zip to it (the Anaheim pepper and lime juice weren’t quite enough). But everybody seemed to like it, so most likely it was just me. But the true hit was the Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake bars. Those disappeared quickly!! Everybody raved about them, and I’ve had a couple of requests for the recipe. They are pretty easy, all things considered, especially when you taste how good they taste! Let me know if you want the recipe; I’m always happy to share and especially when they pass a taste-test with flying colors!

I’m headed off to open the windows to breathe in the first night that really feels like fall is on the way — supposed to be low humidity and 53 overnight. In our house, that’s a fresh-air kitten night for sure (so named because our cat, Sullivan, falls asleep with his little nose pressed up against the screen when we have the window open overnight. He’s such a card!).

Last, but certainly not least, I hope you have the chance to keep up with Tara Taylor Quinn’s blog-tour. Today’s post was written by Kelly Chapman, the character linking her upcoming books! Here’s a link, in case you missed it: http://storybroads.com/?p=694#comments

Catch you later!


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