Off and Running

Have you ever had one of those moments when, even while it’s happening, you know it will be one of the key moments in your life you look back on and mark as something special, a turning-point of sorts?  Well, the past few weeks have been that for me.  So many things in my world are coming together, it’s like the many-colored strands of my life-yarns are finally being woven together into a definable pattern, a visual portrait of “then,” “now,” and “when.”

If you’ve glanced at my Facebook or Twitter updates from a few weeks ago, you’ll know I had the chance to meet my favorite author, Tara Taylor Quinn, while attending the Romance Writers of America (RWA, ) annual conference in Orlando.  Talk about a dream come true!  At best, I hoped to introduce myself and say “Hi” and “Thanks for the great stories all these years.”  But reality was so much better than that, and I’ve found a new friend and an amazing mentor.  Since her first book in October 1993, I’ve eagerly anticipated every book she’s written, nearly all of which still grace my shelves.  I still can’t believe it has been ten years since the Shelter Valley Series.  Her stories are deeply moving, and her characters embed themselves into your memory.  On those occasions when I mention that I write romances and get a look like I just said I eat marshmallow fluff for breakfast, I suggest they pick up her work,Sara’s Son, read it, and then tell me romances are just fluff.  Hah!  Tara’s stories never take the easy path, and most often they challenge conventional thinking about romance and the journey that falling in love (and staying in love) with someone is all about.  And her stories always make you think — not only about life and love, but about social issues, about being aware of things happening in the world about you, for good or for bad.  And how you might help.

Today, she launches a blog tour to celebrate not one but four — yes, FOUR — new books coming out between September and early December.  (I did mention that she is absolutely amazing, yes? Yes!)  I encourage you not only read her books but to follow along on this journey the next few months, geared to raising money in support of Strengthen Our Sisters, the nation’s first battered women’s shelter.   Personally, I can’t wait to see where it takes me, her, and Kelly Chapman (the heroine!).  The next few months, her work is my reward at the end of the day for work accomplished and goals met.  She’s always given me excellent, memorable stories. Now I can add advice and friendship to that list, along with a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation.  I’ve always admired her stories, and now I better understand why they are so incredible and so memorable.  So is she.

So, come follow along.  If I know anything about Tara’s stories, it will be an incredible adventure.

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